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2017-2018 Committee

comitteeBack (from left to right): Mr. Roger Lin, Mr. Howard Leung, Dr. Christopher See, Mr. Arthur Law, Mr. Edward Ma, Mr. Andrew Haskins, Mr. Jonathan Young, Mr. Julian Marland, Dr. Michael Ng, Mr. Arun Nigam, Mr. Victor Apps

Front (from left to right): Mr, David Fu, Mr. Michael Chi On Wong, Sir. David Akers-Jones, Mr. Arthur Shek, Ms. Lizzie Fraser, Mr. Kenneth She 


Patron (Oxford): Sir David Akers-Jones KBE, CMG, GBM, JP 
Patron (Cambridge): Sir David K.P. Li GBM, GBS, OBE, JP

President: Mr. Arthur Shek

Vice President: Ms. Lizzie Fraser

Secretary: Mr. David Fu

Treasurer: Mr. Kenneth She

Immediate Past President: Mr. Michael Chi On Wong

Committee Members:

Mr. Victor Apps

Ms. Natasha Brown
Mr. Kenneth Fok

Mr. Andrew Haskins
Mr. Arthur Law
Mr. Howard Leung
Mr. Roger Lin
Mr. James Liu
Mr. Edward Ma
Mr. Julian Marland
Mr. Rupert McCowan
Dr. Michael Ng
Mr. Arun Nigam
Dr. Christopher See
Mrs. Gail Southward
Mr. Yong Kai Wong
Mr. Jonathan Young
Ms. Jessie Zhang  

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