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Our Committee 2010-2011

Back (from left to right): Mr. Peter Wong, Mr. Rupert McCowan, Mr. Jonathan Hui,
Mr. Arthur Shek, Mr. Fergus Fung, Ms. Samanta Pong, Mr. Jonathan Young, Mr. Herman Yong,
Mrs. Rachel Cartland, Mr. Victor Apps

Front (from left to right): Mr. Dennis Ho, Mr. Andrew Lo, Sir David Akers-Jones (Patron),
Mr. Kenneth Fok, Mr. Ronald Kwok, Mr. David Fu


Patron (Oxford):


Sir David Akers-Jones KBE, CMG, GBM, JP

Patron (Cambridge):


Sir David K.P. Li GBM, GBS, OBE, JP



Mr. Ronald Kwok

Vice President:


Mr. Michael Ng



Mr. David Fu



Mr. Dennis Ho

Immediate Past President:


Mr. Kenneth Fok

Committee Members:    


  Mr. Victor Apps
Mrs. Rachel Cartland   
Ms. Cherry Cheung
Ms. Renee Chu         
Mr. Fergus Fung
Mr. Jonathan Hui
Ms. Mo Yee Lam
Mr. Roger Lin
Ms. Jennifer Ma
Mr. Rupert McCowan
Prof Charles Ng
Ms. Samanta Pong
Mr. Arthur Shek
Mrs. Gail Southward
Mr. Peter Wong
Mr. Yong Kai Wong
Mr. Herman Yong
Mr. Jeremy Young
Mr. Jonathan Young


Charitable Endeavours

The Society hopes to foster a charitable spirit amongst its members to support and aid our local community.

Mentorship Programme

Our annual mentorship programme aims to provide support and guidance to current students at Oxford.


The Society annually extends sponsorships for worthwhile student projects. Our Scholarship Grants program can be found here.

Latest Charitable

Supporting the St James' Settlement charity at Christmas Cocktails event.