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09 June 2009 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm

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the Hong Kong Football Club 3 Sports Rd, Happy Valley, Hong Kong

The Society is pleased to re-launch our previously extremely popular debates.  Debating is superb fun, and also a special part of the Oxfordand Cambridgeexperience: the Oxfordand Cambridge Unions are the most famous debating societies in the world.


The motion for the debate is:


"This house believes that China’s benign dictatorship is better for business than Britain’s elected dictatorship".


Principal Speakers:

Colin Cohen, Senior Partner, Boase Cohen & Collins

Andrew Sheppard, Conservatives Abroad Hong Kong

Jonathan Ishaque, HK Labour

Andrew Haskins, Senior Investment Banker


Following the speeches by the principal speakers, there is plenty of opportunity for questions of the speakers or speeches from the floor…….before all attendees get to the vote on the motion.



Please contact Rupert McCowanby e-message:


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